Stefania Druga

MGH 015, iSchool

1851 NE Grant Ln

Seattle, WA 12345

Hi! I am Stefania. I am currently a second year Ph.D. student 🎓 at the University of Washington Information School, co-advised by Prof. Amy J. Ko in the Code & Cognition Lab and Prof. Benjamin Mako Hill in the Community Data Science Collective. My research focuses on AI Literacy 📚 and the design of new computing platforms for children and parents. I also enjoy designing and building future smart toys 🤖 and games. When I am not coding & writing papers 👩🏽‍💻 I love hiking, climbing and riding my 🚲.

I am a Weizenbaum Research Fellow and awardee of the Jacobs Foundation Grant. I was previously a LEGO Papert Fellow during my time as a master student at MIT researching with Prof. Mitch Resnick and the Scratch team.

For more information, please reach out to me! Or have a look at my projects, papers, or resume.

selected publications

  1. MIT 2018
    Growing up with AI: Cognimates: from coding to teaching machines
    Stefania, Druga
  2. FABLEARN 2019
    Inclusive AI literacy for kids around the world
    Stefania, Druga, T, Vu Sarah, Eesh, Likhith, and Tammy, Qiu
  3. JoDS 2020
    The 4As: Ask, Adapt, Author, Analyze AI Literacy Framework for Families
    Stefania, Druga, Jason, Yip, Michael, Preston, and Devin, Dillon
    Journal of Design and Science 2020